There comes this time when you sit back and take a look at your analytic reports only to come across a certain loss your company is facing. It is obvious that it sure didn’t make you feel oh-so-great about yourself and you just felt that if you could find some sort of way out you would do anything and give it your all to get out of that moment of desperation and increase your store’s revenue.

As a follow-up, you start looking for different ideas by searching up here and there for ways out to increase your revenue, but end up finding yourself in some lonely corner all lost since you found no way out. See, the truth is, it is never so simple to find the easy way out of something, and we sometimes need to draw our own lines to define what is easier in our case.

Although when it comes to online marketing, the methodology somewhat differs as per requirements. It seems as if Emailing is the most convenient mode one could possibly opt to drag in new customers and keep the existing customers on a loop.

Email marketing is not only the only but also the best way to communicate with your shoppers being an E-commerce company. That isn’t the best part about email marketing; another bonus is a huge return on investment which is exactly what you have been looking for! Following are some interesting follow-up email marketing ideas compiled with the help of GO Gulf Dubai based marketing team.

Thank You for Shopping with Us!

As soon as a customer purchases a product off of your online store, it should be considered as a trigger that has been set off for a chain reaction of emails that go on and on. From the confirmation email all the way down to the recommendation email, it is all in your hands.

Just think of all those loyal shoppers who took out the time to put in the effort of going through each item till they found something of their interest and then purchasing it. The least you could do is show your appreciation by sending them a thank you email stating how thankful you are for them to have put in the effort of going through all the hassle to benefit your company.

The proper set of emails that your chain should consist of are; a confirmation email, a subtle notification regarding the shipment, an email regarding the status of their order (in case of any delay or mishap), and a delivery notification, lastly a follow-up email.

Tell me how it was?

Being in the online shopping community you miss out on the chance you see your shopper’s emotions and expressions whilst purchasing a product. It all seems so vague and bland because you just get an animated virtual notification that tells you someone is buying a product of yours.

In this case, what would make you happier than your customers sharing their views and experience with that product? Or even their experience regarding your services?

There will be negative responses too, but don’t ever let them bring you down, rise above all the hate and promise to make your service even better than it was before!

A Moment of Silence for the Reviews of Our Products.

Where there are ups, there are bound to be a few downs along the way.

We all know, everyone has their own opinion about things. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, or so they say.

You should ask your customer for a review of the product purchased to not only benefit you, but also benefit other visitors to the site. Reviews play a major role in giving one an idea about a product they haven’t seen or used before, allowing them to reassure themselves if whether it’s worth it or not.

Have I Ever Mentioned How Special You Are?

 It’s one thing to appreciate someone, but it’s another to tell them how special they are by adding in a bonus discount every now and then as a token of gratitude of being given the opportunity to provide them with your services.

This shouldn’t be too much to ask for when you are the one with the major profits from the whole deal. Cause this way you are sure to keep your customer hooked in deep enough to come back for more soon!

What you must include in this section is a gift item of any one of these: a gift card, special prices on latest products, discounts on the best-selling items or even a free pass to some of the early stash to gain their trust and make them go head over heels to be the first of few who gets in on the latest products! That’s almost like two-for-one!

Well, If you ask me, I Say……..

 When a customer is out shopping, whether in the real world or behind a screen of their device, the items they pick out tell you a lot about what they might like and what might interest them. As every customer is never the same, it is both difficult and easy at the same time to for a customer to be attracted to products even of the same kind. By adding in a certain recommendation, but silently without making it look like you are implying that they must buy those products.

By keeping a track of the history of products they have clicked on, preferred or even added to their watch list, helps you to increase your revenue by giving certain “Our Staff Pick’s” or “You Might Also Like” links to lure in more sales.